Sustainability & Responsibility

Made to Last

We firmly believe that the best way to contribute to our planet is by buying less and making the most of what we purchase.

This is why we've chosen to use 14-karat solid gold. We aim to create timeless, enduring designs that go beyond fleeting fashion trends. Instead of repeatedly buying disposable fashion jewellery, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to own meaningful pieces that can accompany them for a lifetime.

For this purpose, we require durable and resilient materials. 14-karat gold and natural diamonds, known as the hardest material on Earth, form the perfect foundation for our mission.

14k gold jewellery quality control with magnifying glass.

Slow Jewellery

In an industry driven by seasonal consumption, inexpensive materials, and constant novelties, our approach to sustainable fashion takes a different path. We embrace a slower, season-independent approach known as "Slow Jewellery." This involves crafting small, handmade quantities instead of mass production, offering year-round fair pricing instead of "end of season" sales; in deference to the environment and craftsmanship.

Responsible Production

We skip intermediaries and collaborate directly with our goldsmith partners. Sustainability, fairness, and transparency are at the core of our values. Hence, we only collaborate with suppliers who can guarantee conflict-free and ethical resources. Learn more about our Production Partners.

Recycled Materials

Sustainability to us also means making use of what's already available. By using recycled gold, we reduce the need for new resource extraction and consequently lessen our environmental impact. Traceability is key in this regard. Therefore, we only use recycled gold from certified sources.

Packaging and Shipping

Our packaging is also reusable and made from FSC-certified and recycled materials. Learn more about our Packaging Materials.

Some of our jewellery pieces embark on quite a journey before reaching their fortunate owners. Yet, we aim to make their journey as eco-friendly as possible. This is why we've chosen 100% carbon-neutral transportation routes, both from our production facilities to Munich and from there to your doorstep.

Ayu jewellery packaging: ivory pouch, beige jewellery box, and cardboard with white wrapping tissue.

We're just getting started and there's much to learn. We are already contributing what has been described and have committed to making sustainable practices a cornerstone of our company's growth. We'll shape future processes accordingly and continually strive for improvement.

We also invite you to share your feedback and join us on this journey.