Fair Pricing

Our aim is to offer genuine quality at fair prices, a mission that goes against the norm in an industry often dominated by steep markups from intermediaries, importers, and jewellers. Our goal is to make high-quality jewellery made from real, solid gold both affordable and accessible.
To achieve this goal, we work directly and closely with our production facilities, cutting out intermediaries. This allows us to obtain the best possible quality at the most favourable price, which we then pass on to you.

ayu price calculation graphic in comparison to traditional fine jewellery.

Additionally, we abstain from the typical discount culture often seen in the online business. A common approach is to start with higher prices to maintain profitability even during periods of significant discounts. This strategy completely diverges from our core philosophy.

Our true emphasis lies in credibility. We strive to build a foundation of trust through consistent and transparent pricing, steering clear of artificial markups for discounts. In essence, we are committed to providing you with a closer connection to genuine quality and honest value.