About ayu

High-quality jewellery designed to be worn 24/7, never to be taken off. A touch of luxury you can enjoy on an everyday basis. Jewellery with real value, that you can happily gift to yourself without feeling guilty about it.

That's the core intention behind ayu.

Hi, I'm Sina, founder of ayu. Keep reading if you want to know more about the brand, its values, and why it was founded in the first place.

The Early Thoughts 

It all started back in 2019. I had been on the hunt for solid gold jewellery (no plating or vermeil), that I could incorporate into my daily routine without fretting over its longevity. I envisioned modern yet timeless and delicate pieces, intricate yet understated. What I sought was genuine high-quality gold jewellery at affordable and, most importantly, fair prices.

My quest to find this type of jewellery proved futile, so the idea of taking matters into my own hands started growing on me. I began to meticulously map out, what such a basic collection should look like – the key pieces one should own in solid gold to wear joyfully for years. This laid the cornerstone for ayu.

Founder and owner of the jewellery label ayu.

Durability and Sustainability

What kept me going was the realisation that although numerous fantastic jewellery labels were emerging, they primarily offered gold-plated jewellery with frequently changing designs and continuous discount campaigns. With nearly a decade of experience in the fashion industry after graduating, I had become sensitive to the fleeting nature of trends and the resulting waste of resources. And I observed nothing else in the jewellery industry.

Consequently, I wanted to put an end to all costume jewellery, which inevitably wears out over time, and instead create a more sustainable alternative. I felt frustrated when I invested money in gold vermeil or plated jewellery, only to enjoy it for a short period. Or even worse, I refrained from wearing those pieces for fear they would tarnish. I also didn't want to keep buying new things but simply wanted to find timelessly beautiful jewellery, that I would still wear after many years. Unfortunately, traditional jewellers didn't align with my preferences or budget.

These reasons were enough motivation to turn thoughts into action and establish ayu.

Uncompromising Quality

I began the search for reliable, ethical production partners who shared my values and could help me realise my vision. I have very precise ideas of how things should look, with thorough attention to detail and a staunch commitment to quality. Therefore, the sample process required several iterations until my demands were met. Additionally, our jewellery always comprises the 585 gold alloy or 14 karats, signifying a minimum of 58.5% pure fine gold.

Timelessly Modern Essentials

Now the journey begins, allowing me to finally share the pieces I've put so much heart and soul into. To start with, the collection consists of the absolute essentials that should form the basis of every personal jewellery collection. These items are modern yet grounded, delicate and straightforward, simple yet endowed with a distinct allure. This encapsulates the essence of ayu – a fusion of timeless modernity that renders our jewellery sustainable, withstanding the test of time and possessing tangible value, destined to be cherished and passed down through generations.

14k yellow solid gold jewellery on marble

So, feel free to explore our shop and discover the Collection. More pieces will follow soon, with many exciting additions already in the works. If you don't want to miss out, be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter and connect with us on Instagram @ayulabel.official to be part of our journey.