Solid Gold

Our jewellery is meant to be worn every day without the need to take it off. That's why we exclusively use 585 or 14-karat solid gold. This means our jewellery isn't gold-plated; it's crafted entirely from genuine gold. This ensures your jewellery will last a lifetime without discolouration and may even become cherished heirlooms. Gold retains its value, so each piece you acquire holds true worth. Thus, every purchase is a smart and beautiful investment at the same time.

585 and 14k – A Closer Look

585 gold refers to an alloy that consists of 58.5% fine gold. Often, you'll encounter the term 14 karat. Both terms are interchangeable, denoting the same gold content. Pure fine gold is too soft for jewellery-making. To create a durable yet valuable material, fine gold is combined with silver and copper. This blend strikes an ideal balance between longevity and value. Furthermore, 585 gold is an excellent choice for those with sensitivities.

ayu 14k solid yellow gold jewellery on white marble.

Whether it's sweating, showering, or sleeping – you can go about your daily activities wearing our jewellery. Of course, over time, minor scratches might appear – it's the nature of gold, being a soft material. These scratches only showcase your love for your solid gold jewellery. With regular wear, a little care now and then, such as a quick polish or thorough cleaning for deeper dirt, will keep it looking stunning. For details, please refer to our Care Guide.

Recycled Gold

The majority of our collection is made from certified recycled gold. It is primarily sourced from industrial and electronic waste, as well as old jewellery, and then repurposed for our pieces. The remarkable characteristic of gold is its ability to be melted down repeatedly without losing its quality. So essentially, we're converting something old into something new, thus reducing our impact on the environment.

Our production partners source recycled gold exclusively from certified refineries associated with the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and certified under its Chain of Custody. The RJC is a leading organisation in the jewellery industry, setting rigorous standards for sustainability and obliging its members to adhere to stringent ethical, social, and environmental guidelines. To learn more, you can visit the RJC Website.

As for the remaining part of our collection, we're actively working on tracing the gold's origins, with the medium-term objective of increasing the verifiable recycled component to 100%.


Our diamond selection also adheres to social and sustainable criteria. They solely originate from sources following the Kimberley Process and fully guarantee compliance with the guidelines of the World Diamond Council System of Warranties. This ensures their ethical and conflict-free origins, as well as fair mining and trading practices.

We exclusively use high-quality, natural diamonds that have not undergone post-treatment to enhance colour or clarity. These diamonds are meticulously cut by hand and expertly set.

ayu 14k solid yellow gold diamond jewellery on white marble.